12 Removable Wallpaper Designs Giving Paint a Run for Its Money


As anyone who’s ever thought “I have nothing to wear” while gazing at an overflowing closet knows, the quick fix to an uninspiring wardrobe is buying a new pair of vintage jeans (or whatever their fashion kryptonite may be). After all, a pair of jeans won’t set anyone back too much. However, most people can’t just go out and buy a new sofa or coffee table whenever they feel like their living room could use a similar refresh. Enter removable wallpaper, a super simple way to give your space a makeover without spending more than you’d want.

Wallpaper—namely sticker-like peel-and-stick wallpaper—is hands down the easiest and most affordable way to transform a space without buying a single piece of furniture. Whether you go bold with colorful, patterned panels or keep it more demure and opt for a pale grasscloth, there are so many options that guarantee a refreshed space.

The best thing about temporary wallpaper is that there is zero commitment involved, making it ideal for all of the renters out there who want their security deposit back one day. Go ahead, elevate your home decor with a unique wallpaper design.

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