20% Yellow Lead Wave, 40% Wave Coming Off of Africa. Let’s See How It Does Compared to the Models …



4th of July

Now orange 40% … 

… lead wave is at 20%

Models take both these days West.

The second wave has better legs.

Models are cheap and change often.

In real time what they do is more important.

East Coast

Yes the wave is over Africa.

Talk about huge expectations!

Models aren’t really worth watching yet.

New England

Honestly as much as we all like to watch long range models, the only take away here is that they keep the wave/s viable for a while and that means…………. “yes they have a chance”

Today is a travel day for me so keeping this short and may update tonight if I have time. Headed North this time, first time since December of 2019 so it’s a big trip. Going to help my daughter who was hurt back on July 4th and is being released from Rehab so I’ll be there a while. 

Currently the East Coast is swamped with rain, repetitive rain and sometimes flooding rain in New England. Florida is having a wet summer and that usually connects to a late season hit from the SW close to October give or take a week or so. I am concerned on an East Coast hit somewhere this year and not just talking the Outer Banks but as the pattern evolves we will see more where that may set up. For now we are watching the waves in real time to see how the models verify or not. But as much as people ask on models watch the waves and wait to see if the pattern changes at all.

That’s my thought today.

More later, 

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

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