29 Aftershocks Reported Following 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake South of Lake Tahoe



“The UCSG says it’s the strongest quake to hit the Antelope Valley Fault near Lake Tahoe since a 6.1 hit in 1994.”

Gnarly scenes out of central California where a 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit near the Nevada border on Thursday and 29 aftershocks reported. Items were sent flying off the shelves in at least one store and this roadway in Mono County was peppered with boulders. NBC Bay Area spoke with the co-owner of campground Coleville Koa, Scott Burkard:

“The ground itself seemed to shake extensively. It might be because of all the granite here in the high desert country that it’s not absorbed like it might be in other parts of the Bay Area. So I think it made it just that much more scary. It just rolled. You could literally see the ground moving.”

Thankfully there were no reports of damage or injuries, crazy though if you were driving along the highway and came across a scene like this:

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