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5 things to know Friday

5 things to know Friday

Vice President Harris’ message to women: ‘You are strong’

In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY’s editor in chief Nicole Carroll and columnist Suzette Hackney published Friday morning, Vice President Kamala Harris said the pandemic has been “devastating” for women, especially women of color. Women are leaving the workforce in alarming numbers. Burdened with the brunt of child care responsibilities while children are learning from home, Black and Latina women in particular are falling deeper into poverty. Harris called the regression a “national emergency.” She also expressed empathy and concern for women trying to claw their way out of the abyss, with their family members. “Know you are not alone,” Harris said. “Know that you are supported and know that your voice is strong. It’s strong, and don’t let any circumstance diminish that or take your power from you. You are powerful.”

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