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Chauvin murder trial enters fourth day following bodycam footage viewing

The Derek Chauvin murder trial enters its fourth day Thursday, a day after jurors watched four police body-cam videos. In the videos, George Floyd, a Black man, could be heard pleading for his life and saying “I can’t breathe.” The videos also revealed Chauvin defended his tactics after an ambulance left the scene, remarking to a bystander that Floyd was “a sizable guy” and “probably on something.” Jurors also heard from Cup Foods employee Christopher Martin, 19, who took the counterfeit $20 from Floyd — the incident that led to the call to police that brought Chauvin and the other officers to the scene. Martin said he “saw Derek with his knee on George’s neck on the ground” during his testimony.  “If had just not taken the ($20) bill, this could have been avoided,” Martin added. Other witnesses Wednesday included:

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