9 Matcha Starter Kits That’ll Make It Easier to Wake Up in the Morning


Whipping up a green beverage in the morning may seem intimidating, but making matcha is easier than you think, especially if you have a matcha starter kit by your side. To start, matcha is green tea in powder form, so to get the consistency right, you simply whisk in hot water and then add milk if you like. The key is to get everything mixed together with what’s traditionally known as a Japanese chasen, or bamboo whisk. 

Nowadays, there are electric whisks and high-tech matcha makers that can deliver the perfect cup at the touch of a button. Even though the latter options aren’t authentic to the craft, both achieve great-tasting results that matcha enthusiasts will keep coming back for.

Go ahead, take a much-needed break and turn to the popular source of caffeine that is said to give you a healthier high than coffee. The following matcha setups aren’t as bulky as the average coffee maker, and depending on the contraption you choose, you may even be able to take it wherever you go. The following picks couldn’t be more convenient and easy to use—reasons enough to make a life-changing switch ASAP.

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