9 Small Loveseats We Absolutely love


While small loveseats offer a good excuse for an intimate seating arrangement (which is how they earned their name), they also make for a charming addition to just about any space—especially the living room. Originally designed in the 17th century to accommodate women sporting enormous hoop skirts, loveseats are wider than a typical armchair and slimmer than a standard sofa. So whether they become the centerpiece of a cozy nook in a maximalist bedroom or they serve as a focal point in a demure living room, loveseats are the unsung heroes of accent seating.

After all, hoop skirts may have fallen out of vogue centuries ago, but loveseats—whether they’re tufted chesterfields or midcentury-inspired futons—have managed to stand the test of time for a reason. They’re both the perfect solution to a small-space living area and a chic pairing for their much larger cousins. From an elegant, bouclé-covered cloud to a contemporary riff on midcentury shapes, the loveseats available today are nothing short of inspired.

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