Home Vital Sign A guide to gluten+dairy-free dining. — A Balanced Belly

A guide to gluten+dairy-free dining. — A Balanced Belly

A guide to gluten+dairy-free dining. — A Balanced Belly

Bulls Head

I am so excited to bring you this post today! I appreciate it’s a bit different from my regular content but I wanted to share with you today one of my favourite places in the world: Henley in Arden. About 3 years ago we moved to this picturesque village and we just love it! Today I thought I’d share my favourite gluten-free restaurants in Henley in Arden for locals and those who might visit here! It’s also worth having a read of my gluten-free Stratford upon Avon guide

 I wanted to give a shoutout to the fantastic foodie options there are in Henley in Arden– we have so many gluten and dairy free places in Henley in Arden that have been so so accomodating to me since I’ve moved.

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Best Gluten-Free Pubs in Henley in Arden

The Nags Head-This pub has a lovely beer garden in the centre of the high street and quite a few different gluten-free options on their menu; included gluten-free buns and bread. They also can do a gluten-free Sunday roast in Henley in Arden too!

The Crabmill-The Crabmill is located in neighboring Claverdon and is coeliac UK accreditated. The range is really great-from gluten-free halloumi fries to crispy fish and chips. There are dairy-free options and they serve gluten-free beer too. This is one of my favourite places for gluten-free

Butchers Social-  They do the most amazing gluten-free chicken wings (in all kind of quirky flavors: salted caramel chicken wings is my fave).

The Fleur De Lys: Located a ten minutes drive from Henley in Arden, the fleur de lys has a really extensive gluten-free menu; including amazing gluten free pies. Dairy free options are a little more limited but there are choices.

Stoneaged- heaven for Paleo lovers! This restaurant, part of the White Swan Pub, centers around fresh meat and seafood which you cook at your table! Almost everything is gluten free and can be cooked without butter.

Hatton Arms: Located in neighbouring Hatton, you can read my review of the hatton arms here.

Bulls Head
The White Swan Beer Garden

Best gluten and dairy-free Ice Cream in Henley in Arden

Henley Ice Cream A classic and a bit of an institution. But did you know they also do dairy-free ice cream and gluten-free cones? So nobody misses out on ice cream! Hooray! They do both dairy free sorbet and dairy free ice cream (usually swedish glaze)

Best gluten-free curry in Henley in Arden

Curry Republic- There are several curry chains on the high street but the Curry Republic has been really accommodating to my needs- they’ve provided gluten-free and dairy-free adaptations and the poppadums are gluten-free too -yay! Try the xacuti which is a creamy coconut milk style korma without the dairy!

Both the Naya and The Arden also have accomodated well to gluten and dairy free when we’ve been too; I just personally prefer Curry Republic and it’s a little bit cheaper.

Best gluten-free chinese takeaway in Henley in Arden

Sans Oriental– The food here is really light and fresh. They can adapt most meals to gluten-free- including special batter for sweet and sour chicken, yuk sung and more!

The Bulls Head, a few minutes drive away in Wooton Wawen, has always been really great for gluten free options and it has recently been taken over by a Thai restaurant. Due to open next week, I’ve contacted the owners and they’ve confirmed they will be offering gluten-free dishes and uses gluten free soya sauce!


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