After the Storm… Tornado in Florida. Looking Towards 2022… Will Winter Bring Me Snow?



Fast follow up on our fast mover yesterday.

What forward speed was that?

Again let’s look at yesterday at the same time.

Weather moves fast these days!

Satellite signature.

Yes, storms crashing onto South America … 

Long tail from the front into Eastern Pacific.

Lots of high wind reports and annoyed tourists.

Gray skies in Florida wasn’t on the travel plan.

But there yesterday gone today! Not bad. Could have been way worse.

Busy day for me today, will talk on Christmas Eve weather and more so I’m curious on New Year’s Eve and what we see in January of 2022.

I’m in Raleigh this month… but two of my grandchildren got to go to Breckingride! Nice… I’m not a skier, but apparently they are learning to ski before going back to Florida.

Have a wonderful day, a healthy day… a happy day.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps… Where do you want to go to escape the cold or do you enjoy the change of seasons? One set of Miami kids are in Tallahassee visiting family and it’s quite cold up there after the storm passed and the front moved through reinforcing already cool temps. It’s Cold Front season!

Smart son. You want to see snow.

You hit the road and travel!

If you don’t want to travel…….

… check out YouTube!

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