Arbor Skateboard Collaborates With Environmentally Minded Artist For New Bamboo Collection


artist“By highlighting the biodiversity at risk in an era of human-driven mass extinction her work aims to inspire reverence for the natural world and action to defend what we have left. Keller’s studio work draws upon months of academic research, collaborations with the scientific community, and on-the-ground experiences in wild places through artist residencies and self-directed expeditions.”

Really enjoyed this quick video about artist Zoe Keller’s collaboration with Arbor Skateboards for their new Bamboo Collection, highlighting at-risk species and wildlands and the interconnectedness of fragile, vanishing ecosystems. If you’re looking for a new skateboard and want to support great art and environmental activism, explore the Bamboo Collection HERE:

One of the bright spots of last year was the release of Arbor Skateboards Bamboo Collection featuring my drawings. The boards are gorgeous, and I chose to partner with Arbor Skateboards because sustainability has always been a core part of their brand, and because they work with artists in such an intentional way. They just released a really lovely artist profile about my work, shot last year before the pandemic hit. It’s a super nice time-capsule of my time in the PNW, featuring some footage from a very rainy and very fungi filled Forest Park. There is a link to the full artist profile at the top of the Arbor Skateboards page, and I will also put a swipe-up link in my stories! (Those swipe-up links have been a bit buggy lately – try updating your app if it doesn’t work.) Big thanks to everyone who has shared photos of themselves with their boards!! It makes me so happy to see them out in the world ☺️partner

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