Arches National Park Being Sued For $270M After Gate Decapitated Guest Last Summer


Esther Nakajjigo and her husband Ludo Michaud pose for a photo while sitting in a car.

Esther Nakajjigo and her husband Ludo Michaud.

It is being reported that the family of a woman who was decapitated at Arches National Park by an open gate last summer is suing the park for negligence.

Esther Nakajjigo was driving with her newlywed husband on their honeymoon in Arches when an open road gate was swung by strong winds into their rental car.

The gate had been left unlatched against federal policy for two weeks prior to the tragic accident in June 2020.

The gate reportedly smashed through the side of the car and struck Nakajjigo in the neck, killing her.

Twist after newlywed decapitated by gate at national park

Nakajjigo was a humanitarian who had won numerous awards and recognition for her work.

The family is reportedly suing the park for $270 million.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Nakajjigo’s friends and families.

We know that no amount of money could ever compensate for the loss of a loved one. This is truly a tragic story.

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