Birdie-eye view – Augusta National tweaks holes


Augusta National is closed for the summer, and that is traditionally the time for the club that is the home of the Masters to make tweaks to the course.

From the look of aerial photos taken recently by Eureka Earth, the tweaks could be significant.

A good bit of dirt is being moved, and there appears to be a significant reduction in trees along the right side of the 11th fairway. There is also considerable work being done on the 15th hole.

The 11th is a 505-yard par-4 that typically plays as one of the hardest on the course. In the early 2000s, the club planted a significant number of trees down the entire right side of the fairway near the landing area. It also moved the tee back and to the left, making for a difficult tee shot.

It is difficult to tell exactly what is being done on the 15th hole — the upper right side of the photo shows the 10th hole, and the 15th tee box is near the 10th green. It is possible that some of the trees planted down the right side of the 15th fairway are being moved or reduced.

Augusta National traditionally closes the last week of May for the summer and does not reopen until around Oct. 15. The 2022 Masters will be April 7-10.

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