“Bison Bridge” Bold Plan To Create New National Park Over The Mississippi River


“Our plan is to save the old I-80 bridge and repurpose it into a National Park to be enjoyed by locals, tourists and bison! The Bison Bridge would be the longest manmade wildlife crossing in the world!”

The current I-80 bridge that spans the Mississippi River connecting the Quad Cities is slated to be demolished in the near future and one group is asking that you “join the herd” and help petition to save the structure and  transform it into a wildlife crossing and pedestrian parkway called the Bison Bridge with live bison and pedestrians. If everything were to go to plan, the bridge would be longest manmade wildlife crossing in the world and potentially become a new national park. Got to love wild ideas. If you would like to support this project you’re welcome to FIND MORE INFO HERE:


Repurposing of infrastructure is a trend in the United States and other parts of the developed world. What is deemed “old” becomes “new,” and in turn enhances quality of life, opens up investment opportunities, and transforms communities. The Bison Bridge is a concept like no other currently in the United States. It’s a land bridge, consisting of a wildlife and recreational crossing connecting the Illinois and Iowa riverfronts on the Mississippi River. With the right support, we hope to turn it into a National Park site for visitors to enjoy for generations.

The Bison Bridge Foundation has been established for the purpose of repurposing the I-80 bridge. How are we doing that? We are advocating at the local, state, and federal levels for support. We are engaging with community leaders, local elected officials, business owners, and stakeholders all over the country. We don’t need your money. We don’t need your time. We need your voice! If you believe in this project, please fill out the form below. Our goal is to collect 50,000 signatures to help make the case for the Bison Bridge project. MORE INFO HERE.














images from Bisonbridge.org

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