Californian Knocked Out Cold Jumping Massive Waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii


California“I did get knocked out when I hit the water and completely lost my memory for about five minutes after being pulled out of the water.”

This California kid is incredibly lucky he had some help from a couple bystanders (who were tourists themselves) after getting knocked unconscious jumping from Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai Hawaii.

21 year old Shiloh Shahan of Templeton, CA wanted to make the most of his final days on the Hawaiian island of Kauai after working there for a year and half so he decided to jump off Wailua Falls (which is either 80 or 173 feet above the water, depending on your sources) according to

“I decided, ‘I want to jump off of this,’ I was at a really pivotal point in my life. Everything was changing, and it felt like the right thing to do.”

Well his leap of faith ended up with strangers yelling “WAKE UP” and a concussion with a side order of torn chest and back muscles.  Please be careful out there girls and boys, cliffjumping is no joke.

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