Cape Cod Woman Fends Off Coyote With Stick, Saved By Passing Fishermen


FishermanMarcy Sterlis“I was terrified, and if it weren’t for two fishermen coming to get me, I don’t know what I would have done because they were the only ones there to help me.” -Marcy Sterlis

Gnarly animal encounter in Cape Cod filmed by passing fishermen who turned into rescuers for this woman who was being stalked by a coyote. Marcy Sterlis was chased by the animals from nearby dunes to water’s edge and was forced to swing a stick at the determined canine to keep its distance. 2 fisherman passing along in their boat saw the whole seen playing out and rescued her from shore with a water escape route.

Last summer, in Provincetown, a coyote bit a beachgoer and killed a dog. Wildlife experts believe it was because people were feeding coyotes. The one who was trailing this woman may have been looking for a free meal.  It’s well established that if one is confronted by a coyote, you don’t turn your back. You make yourself as big as possible, and as loud as possible to scare it. For tips on how to prevent conflicts GO HERE.

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