Check Out 9 of the Most Stylish Airbnbs Along Mexico’s Pacific and Caribbean Coasts


Whether it’s a last-minute road trip from Los Angeles to Baja California, or a meticulously planned holiday excursion from Manhattan to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has more to offer than travelers may realize. Aside from carefully curated cocktails mixed with locally distilled mezcal, mesmerizing centuries-old cenotes, and almost transparent turquoise water, Mexico is cementing its spot on the map as a thriving design hub. Though the tropical North American country boasts its fair share of stylish hotels, consider living among the locals in any of the myriad gorgeous Airbnb outposts that are scattered from coast to coast.

AirBnb Host Essentials from Muji. 

Plus, Airbnb’s newest collaboration is elevating the beachside bungalows even more. Airbnb has teamed up with Japanese brand MUJI, which has steadily built its minimalist empire since its inception in 1980, to create Airbnb Host Essentials, a 23-piece kit of design-forward (and supremely affordable) essentials for current and prospective Airbnb hosts who want to refresh their interiors. Available to anyone in the U.S. and Canada, the kit includes glass tumblers, waffled towels, recycled paper notebooks, and lint rollers, among other items.

Now that international travel is back and quite possibly better than ever, there’s hardly a better time to slip into your espadrilles and head south of the border.

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