Crippling Drought Causes Utah Reservoir To Reach “0% Capacity”


Gunnison Reservoir - - Fishing Central Utah

Gunnison Reservoir. Courtesy:

The drought plaguing the American southwest is no secret.

The US Drought monitor is alarming when you see the vast portions of the southwest shaded in dark red indicating the area is experiencing Exceptional Drought conditions.

The large majority of the entire state of Utah is in an Exceptional Drought or Extreme Drought.


US Drought Monitor Map (West)- 7/12/21

Due to the record heat and absence of rainfall, KSL News is reporting that the Gunnison Reservoir in Sanpete County, Utah is at 0% capacity.

The reservoir is typically used to supply local farmers with water, and even for recreation, but it has completely dried up. Utah officials believe that more reservoirs across the state could reach 0% capacity, and there’s really nothing that can be done other than to hope and pray for rain.

The state is currently relying on stored water from previous year’s snowpack melt and rain water, but will face a real challenge in the coming years if the drought doesn’t get any better.

Take a look at the story from KSL News below. Things are starting to get hairy in The Beehive State.

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