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April 5th, 2021 | Scott Lindstrom


Himawari-8 ‘Target Area’ clean window infrared (10.41 µm) imagery, 1224 – 2018 UTC on 5 April 2021 (Click to animate)

Himawari-8 ‘Target Area’ imagery (with a 2.5-minute timestep) on 5 April show the evolution of Cyclone Seroja over the Timor Sea northwest of Australia. (Click here for an mp4 animation). Periodic bursts of deep convection (black and white in the color-enhancement) are apparent in the center of the storm. Analyses from the CIMSS Tropical Weather Site (link) show the storm in a region of warm Sea Surface Temperatures. Modest shear is present and it is changing the convective core of the storm in the animation above from circular to elongated over the 8-hour animation. However, strengthening is forecast.

Screen capture

Screen capture of SSTs over the Timor Sea, wind shear, and forecast path of Cyclone Seroja (Click to enlarge)

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