Giovinazzi aims to ‘grow up as a driver’ in 2021


In the round-up: Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi is looking to make the same gains in the 2021 season he made between his first two years in Formula 1.

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What they say

Giovinazzi is beginning his third year alongside Kimi Raikkonen at Alfa Romeo, and his main aim is self-improvement in all areas.

From my side it is still to improve myself, like a driver. It’s my third season, so I want to grow up like a driver, like I did from first season to second season. Improve. I want to do another step forward also in this season. So I will have more experience, everything will look more simple, more normal, and I can focus more on my side and improving in different things.

The race pace is where I can still improve. I think I did a great step forward last year, but I can still improve. But of course also the qualifying: you want always more and more.

Also from last year I was quite strong on the first lap on the start, but I want more, and just improving myself. I think it’s good again on the third season with Kimi, that we know each other. And I can still improve myself looking also at Kimi what he’s doing, because he is a driver with a lot of experience.

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