Grizzly Charges Kayaker Floating Down Canadian River To Protect His Precious Dead Elk


British Columbia

Grizzly bears don’t play around when it comes to their food, and a kayaker found that out by accident a couple of years ago.

As seen in the GoPro footage below, a grizzly bear charged a kayaker in a river in Squamish, BC in what seems to be an act of aggression at first.

Spectators later discovered that a dead elk was laying on the adjacent river bank, and it was determined that the bear was most likely just protecting its food from the kayakers floating down the river.

Only in the wild Northwest could your kayak tour of a beautiful river be ruined by 600 lb. grizzly bear that think you’re trying to steal its lunch.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s more dangerous to live in the Rocky Mountains dodging mountain lions and bears than Africa avoiding big cats and crocodiles…

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