High Wind Warnings in North Central US … Strong Storm in NW… East Coast Still Waiting for Winter Weather



Today’s Weather Warnings…

…High Wind Warnings in particular.

A wide area across the middle of the Country

The North Central US is especially in danger!

So what is it with all the high wind and severe weather warnings this December? Simply speaking we are in a stuck pattern where wintry weather and storms are in the NW and as they descend down into the High Prairie Provinces they Peter out a bit and when they get to the center of the country they run into warrm, moist air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and wherever they meet trouble follows. I’d complain that was a long run on sentence, however this pattern has been a bit too run on for my liking as I’m in the part of the country where Winter is not happening and we are stuck watching as systems slide by to our North. While North Carolina is “North” Carolina, it is too far South to be getting any significant weather. May I add for most of the people who live here that is just plum perfect for most people here!

Ye Olde Earthnull shows the story well!

Big storm in the NW headed inland.

Air moving down across the Dakotas…

…warm air rushing up along the Mississippi River Valley.

Note the East Coast for now is quiet.

Actually in Raleigh we are fogged in….

…that happens often in December in NC.


Later today this happens!

 You can easily lay this frontal progression…

…across the above Earthnull map.

And you can see where the trouble lies.

As always the Snow Total Graphic says it all.

So far this December….

…Winter is staying in the NW part of the US.

Very few instrusions South or into the MidAtlantic.

This too will change… but when?

You know everyone wants what they want whether it’s likely to happen or not happen. That’s just our nature and our nature varies from people who prefer mild weather and long seasons and that’s why so many people from places plagued with nonstop snow who love the seasons but not snow move to Raleigh.  Of course, people in Florida move to North Carolina because they get some seasons and the chance of snow. We have lots of seasons and very little snow in reality, but in any given year we can get snowed in for days. And, when we do get snow we make the headlines nationally as our roads ice over and are impossible to drive on, but that happens really rarely here.  At the end of the 10 day period the chance of SNOW pops up for the New York to Baltimore I-95 area. Ten days away I remind you is not the most reliable forecat but it’s an indication of when real “Winter” may happen and again it’s worth noting we are in meteorological winter not WINTER after the Winter Solstice. 

If you have friends or loved ones in the shaded bullseye area shown at the top to this page or a landlocked hurricane fanatic …. please pay attention to local warnings from your local National Weather Service. I use the word “local” twice, because it needs emphasis. Nothing is as valuable in this situation as paying attention to your LOCAL weather experts who can and will sniff out any dangerous set ups and please act accordingly and follow their expert advice. People could lose power, so set yourself up in case that should happen now and hopefully it doesn’t happen. 

Iowa is especially under the gun for trouble.

Windy trouble in particular.

From Rochester Minnesota South….

…into Iowa and surrounding states.

It’s going to be a WINDY day!

The experts have insisted this is less about tornadoes and more about high wind warnings and straight line winds that will be followed by cold weather. Note such winds can turn over high profile vehicles such as large trucks as they travel across the highways of that area. Trees can come down somewhere and well in truth we have to wait and see what will really happen and hope there are no surprises.

That’s it for today.

Not a very tropical weather blog this morning, but we are far removed from tropical trouble in our part of the world and so following the weather wherever it takes me.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

This ones for Mike….

…who so loves a song at the end.


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