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House Call: Finding the Light of Your Life

House Call: Finding the Light of Your Life

Welcome to the extended version of my weekly newsletter, House Call (and if you aren’t subscribed, what are you waiting for?). This is where I spend some time pondering a theme, answering a question, and helping you shop smarter, or at least be inspired by something new. Reach out if you ever need recommendations—I’m happy to search the internet for the most specific furnishings, decor, and knickknacks.

Without exaggeration, every ceiling light and sconce in my home is ugly. There are fixtures that clearly seem like the cheapest option from the hardware store and there are fixtures that clash with the surrounding hardware. No matter the room, you’re going to run into terrible-looking lighting. And while the most prominent ceiling light in the living room was promptly replaced, I’m having the hardest time swapping out the rest. It’s not for a lack of caring, but it’s a hard piece to find—especially when you need to budget a dozen replacements.

Since I had a great outpouring of support in my journey to find a perfect mirror—I figured this could be a pain point for others. Let’s walk through the options out there together. How do you want to set the ambiance with a sconce? What color scheme are you after when installing a ceiling light? Do you want a pull cord, or a dimmer switch, or a smart plug for clapping on and off?

Here are some of the products that feel like they could do the trick and light up your life.

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