House Call: Here’s My Summer Reading List


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When I was growing up, most summers my family would take a long road trip up the East Coast. We’d travel about 1,400 miles each way, stopping at a relative’s house for a two-week vacation between the long drives. One of my favorite parts of the travel prep was getting to stop at a bookstore for my summer reading haul. I usually chose a magazine for the car ride (something along the lines of CosmoGirl, Teen Vogue, YM, or Seventeen), a few paperback novels (teen angst was my favorite YA genre), and a wildcard book (something related to arts, crafts, or graphic novels).

Now that summer is officially here, I feel the urge to stock up on my summer reading in a considered way. I’ll likely go the route of my preteen self, with a slightly more sophisticated edge—an artsy magazine, a few gripping novels, and a culturally relevant book that touches on design. So here are a handful of books to stock up on for the summer (plus, a few pre-orders to dream about for the early fall).

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