House Call: It’s Time to Pull Out Your Camera


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There’s something about the summer season that compels me to get out a camera and start taking pictures. Last year I really leaned into it by documenting a long road trip, several hikes and camping excursions, and every small moment in between. When June hit this year, I felt the pull again and welcomed the season by spending a warm, sunny, celebratory day snapping Polaroid pictures. I realized that this is a historical fact for me: Almost every developed photo I have comes from the summertime. The urge to snap more pics likely has to do with vacation—going somewhere different or having a span of free time.

This year I’m also challenging myself to start displaying some of my favorite images (I see some picture framing in my future). And because my dad is the person who got me into taking photos and thinking about artful compositions—and Father’s Day is less than a week away—I figured there’s no better time to seek out all the coolest cameras. Say cheese!

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