House Call: Let’s Amplify AAPI Voices in Design


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I’m at a loss for words regarding the shooting last week in Atlanta. The surge of anti-Asian violence is horrible and it’s more important than ever to be a supportive ally. Though ridding the country of this deep-rooted issue can feel insurmountable, so many social media awareness campaigns and calls to donate have popped up, which pushes me to keep moving in a positive direction. Trying to do my own small part, I wanted to use this space to highlight some incredible Asian-owned businesses and AAPI makers in the design sphere.

While this is a small action in the fight for equality and equity, the more we shop small makers from underrepresented backgrounds, the closer we will get to the day where shopping from AAPI makers isn’t an act of support, it’s just business. Support them now and always.

First and foremost, and if you’re able, find a worthy cause to donate to, like Support the AAPI Community Fund. Then, find a new favorite object to treasure.

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