How Remy Morton Built His Dream Track With $7k In 7 Days



If you haven’t watched Remy Morton’s Raw 100 segment yet then stop what you’re doing and go watch it, now. The clip is short, but it features some absolutely insane riding that’s a real treat to watch from the comfort of your own home.

Red Bull Bike just uploaded a behind the scenes video of how Remy Morton and his crew of friends built his dream track for the segment in just seven days with only $7,000.

It was really interesting to hear his thoughts on the track, and to see what goes into building something so unique. Mountain Bike tracks are undeniably cool, and I love how much creativity a trail builder can implement in them. Would be cool to see terrain park builders at ski resorts try some ideas influenced by mountain biking.

Imagine a tightly cut jump line through the trees with some side features for the more advanced skiers. That would be sick.

Anyways, enjoy this awesome behind the scenes video!

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