How to Wear Red (This Season’s Hottest Trend)

How to Wear Red - This Season’s Hottest Trend

How to Wear Red - This Season’s Hottest Trend


From runways to the streets, the red hue is spreading like wildfire. But, like any bold trend, creating the right red look takes some knowledge and practice. So, before you go haphazardly throwing on every piece of ruby, crimson, and candy apple red clothing that you own, read this. Whether it’s your favourite hue or your first time rocking the shade, we can show you how to wear red the right way and nail this season’s hottest trend.


How to Wear Red

Red All Over

Extroverts and daring fashionistas will love rocking this season’s red trend from head to toe. Although it may be a bold look, going red all over is completely on-trend and incredibly stylish. So, if there was ever a time to rock a pair of red pants with a red blazer, red top, and red shoes, it is now. While there are numerous ways that you can wear the look, consider opting for a bottom and jacket in matching shades. Then, mix things up with a top that’s either lighter, darker or patterned.


Red all Over Trend



Red Bottoms

Not quite ready to go red all over? That’s not a problem. How about focusing on your legs instead? Opting for a pair of red pants or a red skirt can still create statement style without feeling over the top. To keep the look balanced, just remember to make your legs the focus of your outfit. As such, completing your look with basic colours and classic designs is an excellent option. Something as simple as a red midi skirt with a white T-shirt, denim jacket, and black sneakers can look seriously chic.


Red Legs Trend



Red Coats and Jackets

When it comes to rocking this trend in cold weather, there’s no better way than with a red coat or a jacket. The chic outfit addition will instantly turn up the drama and style of your look for an impressive ensemble. Whether you choose a trench coat, cape, blazer, or leather jacket, make it bold and eye-catching. Also, remember to keep the rest of your look minimal and subdued. Your favourite black pants, a turtleneck sweater, and a pair of low, block heels will do the trick nicely.


Red Coats and Jackets Trend



Red with Pink

Red can be an intense and dramatic hue, but it can also be chic and romantic. To rock this trend with a feminine and flirty aesthetic, try pairing your favourite red pieces with pink designs. The combination can be very complementary and can easily create a contemporary and fashionable look. Although it’s often thought that red and pink shouldn’t go together, we’re here to tell you that it should. Just try rocking a pastel pink skirt and bright red top for yourself, and you’ll agree with us too.


Red and Pink Trend



Red Tops

The best thing about a bold colour like red is that it can turn any garment into a statement piece. As such, the hue is perfect for tops and can make simple styles stand out, and unique designs really shine. So, whether you’re rocking a pair of jeans with a red T-shirt or a pair of velvet trousers with a red ruffle top, you’re sure to look trendy and stylish. Just remember to make the most of your red top by forgoing a jacket and avoiding any other bold hues.


Red Tops Trend



Red with Denim

If you’re searching for a way to spice up your usual weekend denim look, you should consider injecting a red hue. By just adding a red item or two to your outfit, you can make your casual ensemble infinitely more stylish and trendy. All you need to do is select what item or which pieces you want to rock in the fiery hue. While jumpers, coats, and even dresses can all work, you should consider rocking a gingham shirt in the vibrant colour. Like red, gingham is another popular trend of the season, so combining both into one is a winning look.


Red with Denim Trend




Red with Leather

While red undoubtedly goes great with denim, it can also partner perfectly with leather. The combination of the bright hue and tough fabric is an intense and edgy one. Red with leather makes an excellent option for occasions where you want to show off your attitude. While you can rock the pair during the day, it works especially well for evening events. All you need to do is dress it up a little. You can do so by choosing a chic red dress or jumpsuit, a black leather biker jacket, and heeled lace-up booties.


Red with Leather Trend


Red Patterns

Patterns can be a fun and playful way to rock the red trend this season. Although they can often seem more intense than block colours, patterns can actually subdue a vibrant red hue by breaking up the bright tone. Therefore, rocking a red patterned design is an excellent way to ease into this season’s hottest trend. All you need to do is pick your favourite option. While florals are always a lovely choice, you should also consider checks, tartan, gingham, and stripes.


Red Patterns Trend



Red Sweaters

What better way to warm up this winter than with an on-trend red sweater? Not only will the garment keep you from feeling chilly, but the colour will keep you looking hot. To nail the look, style the piece with relaxed elegance. For example, a pair of nude cigarette trousers will pair perfectly with your red sweater. As for finishing touches, a pair of leopard print, slip-on mules and a skinny, black belt will complete your outfit in an understated yet glamorous way.
Red Sweaters Trend



Red Accessories

Don’t shy away from this trend just because you prefer a more minimal colour palette. The beauty of this season’s hottest trend being a colour is that it’s so versatile and can be tailored to suit anyone. So, if you don’t quite feel like rocking a red outfit, why not opt for red accessories instead? Thanks to their bold hue, these fiery accessories can make a statement without appearing too intense. Just remember to stick to one or two pieces and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.


Red Accessories Trend




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