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Jaguar commits to Formula E’s Gen3 era

Jaguar commits to Formula E’s Gen3 era

Ian James

Motorsport.com understands that Jaguar has committed to the era of 470bhp and 120kg lighter machines and was part of the 6 April meeting of the Technical Working Group to gain access to FIA data from central Gen3 suppliers Spark Racing Technology, Williams Advanced Engineering and Hankook.

This follows the marque’s so-called ‘Reimagine’ plan, whereby the entire Jaguar and sister company Land Rover road line-up will offer an electric variant by 2025.

However, the manufacturer will delay issuing its public pledge to the long-term future of Formula E, with the Gen3 regulations continuing until 2025-26, until a wider motorsport plan has been outlined.

Jaguar Racing Formula E team director James Barclay told Motorsport.com: “What I can confirm is that we have signed the Gen3 registration. We have done it.

“We’ve signed the registration document and we are continuing our development. The FIA has given a registration timeline but the announcement about our future motorsport plans will form the next part of our Reimagine strategy.

“At this point in time, we have nothing more to say. We’ve signed it, the registration, we’re continuing our development for Gen3. More news on our motorsport plans will follow.

“If you want to be in Gen3, you have to sign and continue development. It is really the first stage where get the first information on the car. We’re still waiting for further detail in some areas.

“Fundamentally, it gives us enough information to start our understanding of the packaging of the car. It’s the basic building blocks. Very early days. It’s an important time to get the context. But there’s a lot more info to come.”

Jaguar is now the sixth manufacturer to sign up to the new rules cycle, following after Mahindra, DS Automobiles, Nissan and Porsche.

Dragon Penske Autosport is also on the cusp of securing their ongoing participation in the championship.

Meanwhile, Mercedes announced last week that it would delay its Gen3 registration as it awaits clarification “regarding “important details regarding the structure of the series”.

Team principal Ian James told Motorsport.com that the final decision will be made in “the next few weeks” but plans are still afoot for the race team to consolidate in Brackley for next season.

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