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Karina Safarova: The Muse of Billionaires

Karina Safarova: The Muse of Billionaires

Karina Safarova is a transformational trainer and motivational speaker. We met Karina to talk about her own transformation, her new projects, her ability to empower and inspire people to create success in their life and business. She is a famous author, talking in front of a worldwide audience to shine a spotlight on how anyone can make success happen both personally and professionally.

Karina empowers people to give them a vision of themselves beyond their circumstances; she is a voice of the future — a powerful positive speaker and the voice of a new generation. 

Karina, you are a very humble strong woman with the sharpness of your mind. And you seem to have a clear purpose. How did you find yourself?

Find yourself to help yourself.

Since childhood, I’ve been a fighter and leader. From a young age, I was focused on results and success. I was a top student at school and loved to read non-stop. It was like breathing to me. I loved literature, that’s why my first higher education is on pedagogy. I am a philologist, English Language and Literature teacher. At the age of 20, I have lectured at a University. My philosophy since childhood is perfectionism. I always did the best I could every single day. Challenge after challenge, I have always set myself big beautiful goals and now I live even better than I could dream about.

Do you agree that each person has his own purpose? How did you find yours?

I was born to be strong and valuable. It’s in my blood. In any company and surrounding, I see how I can be useful and valuable. This is my formula for a Fun, Fit and Fabulous Life! Tune in for the latest in health, wealth and happiness with guest celebrities, experts, chefs, CEOs, fitness stars and more. Unlock the secrets to achieving a balanced life that is filled with vitality. Combined with our unique exercises, be inspired to create wealth in both personal and professional capacities, and experience ultimate happiness. Nothing is wasted. What is done is done and cannot be undone and it’s never late to start.

A happy life is enjoying your physical and mental health, mixed with a focused mindset and the blueprints to implement them in the world of business and entrepreneurship

I live the best life every day. 

I try to do the best I can do in any situation. This is my superpower. Convey success and carry light. Share knowledge. I have a burning desire to share. From pain to purpose and the courage to take risks and to help. When I work with clients, I define their purpose with a simple question: “What would you do for free and what can you do well? What’s fun for you?” And so, bit by bit, you can collect all the information for self-realisation.

Life is interesting to interesting people. Life is dull to dull people. You manifest what you desire it to be and it is all in your mind.

You are a coach of millionaires and the London elite. Can you work with any client?

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