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SAY IT WITH IMAGES: Luxottica has tapped Italian illustrator Giacomo Gambineri to realize a series of images representing its manifesto on sustainability.

Dubbed “To see the beauty of life,” the campaign aims to narrate Luxottica’s social commitment and environmental initiatives in simpler and more immediate language with the goal to facilitate engagement with different target users on social media.

Beginning this week and continuing to roll out in the coming months on the company’s social networks, the initiative focuses on communicating the four pillars of the Italian eyewear giant’s practices, which are “commitment to excellence, visual well-being, social impact and protecting the environment.”

Each of these aspects is represented through examples, in addition to a range of illustrations by Gambineri, whose work has appeared in international outlets including Variety, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Monocle and Wired.

“Nobody experiences the world in the same way, but everybody should be able to see beauty in it. This is our aim: To keep people seeing beauty. Through their eyes by guaranteeing visual well-being with the excellence of our products and services, through our actions by having a positive social impact and reducing the one on the environment….This is our vision and it has been since 1961,” said a video-teaser posted on the company’s Instagram profile, which counts more than 185,000 followers.

Luxottica's "To see the beauty of life" campaign.

Luxottica’s “To see the beauty of life” campaign. 
Courtesy of Luxottica

Banking on the visual approach, the company intends to encourage users to discover its initiatives, including the ones aimed at the protection of landmark territories, such as the national park of the Dolomites surrounding Belluno, a UNESCO heritage natural site standing near the company’s Agordo headquarters; the investments made in plants producing energy from renewable sources; the production of sustainable eyewear collections; the promotion of the local cultural heritage, and the social welfare programs.

In particular, Luxottica’s welfare system was first launched in 2009, at the height of the international economic crisis, and includes health care, micro-credit, counseling and scholarships, among other initiatives.

Founded by Leonardo Del Vecchio, Luxottica produces and distributes eyewear collections for fashion brands ranging from Giorgio Armani and Burberry to Prada and Versace and owns labels such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. In 2018, in a 46-billion-euro merger, Luxottica combined with France-based Essilor.

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