Made Back East is a perfect New England ski film


If there’s one thing we as a ski community need to get behind, it’s giving the East Coast a big fat apology. During the past decade we’ve seen a total renaissance in backcountry skiing in New England, and no, we don’t just mean Tuck. The Granite Backcountry Alliance has been cutting glades all over New Hampshire, and Vermonters are getting after it in a serious way. For the folks who made the film Made Back East, it’s way more than ice and chowder.

“The ski community refers to our home as ‘back east.’ Assuming that anybody who grew up skiing here would eventually find their way out West. But to us, that assumes too much. The mark of a true New England skier is a deep appreciation for the bad days just as much as the good ones. As they say “if you can ski the northeast, you can ski anywhere”. In this film, we follow six diehard skiers on a trip into the woods seeking that perfect window where everything comes together.”

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