Malaysia Ski Resort Set To Open in 2023 (Largest Dry-Slope In The World)


A new dry ski area is set to open at one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia, but is it the right choice for the land? The Star reports that in 2023, a dry ski slope with open on the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. A dry ski slope is not made with actual snow but rather is held together with a synthetic surface that oftentimes looks like snow. If completed, it will become the largest dry slope on the planet at 1200 meters(About 3937 feet), beating the current record holder of Veduchi in Russia that is 1160 meters(nearly 3806 feet).

Many locals have come against the plan though, as various concerns have come out. For one, monsoons are a common part of the weather in Malaysia, meaning landslides and other natural events could damage the park during construction or once it is completed. It also definitely takes away from the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands, which is one of the main reasons why people visit. From a skier perspective, there certainly seem to me moments of quality steep pitches, but then there’s also long portions of flat terrain and even an uphill section near the bottom of the trail. A petition on against the efforts has been formed, racking up over 35,000 signatures.

Are you for or against this idea?

Susan Lankester

Image Credits: Escape Cameron Highlands,

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