Mustang, ZB Commodore to join Super2


The impending introduction of the Gen3 regulations has created a number of question marks over the short-term future of the second tier.

Traditionally Super2 has run the previous evolution of the main game cars, creating both a healthy second-hand market for hardware, and giving young drivers relevant experience.

The move to Gen3, however, means there could be a relatively large gulf between the two tiers in terms of speed and cost, the new cars expected to be cheaper and slower thanks to drops in aero and power.

That’s sparked speculation over the short-term future of Super2, with talk Super2 could move straight to Gen3 as well.

However according to Supercars CEO Sean Seamer the plan is to retain the trickle down model for the existing cars.

The primary concern is reducing the running costs of the current-spec Mustangs and ZBs before they are farmed out to Super2 teams.

“That’s something that we’re looking at now, how do we manage the cost so that they are suitable for Super2,” said Seamer.

“The cost challenges associated to the [main series] are around usage and kilometres. Super2 don’t do as many kilometres. However, it’s incumbent for us to do what we can to manage costs for the Super2 competitors. We are working through at the moment.”

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Also being considered is how to ensure parity between the Mustang and ZB, and the FG-X Falcon, Nissan Altima and VF Commodore models that are currently used in Super2.

Another option is for the current Super2 cars to be shifted down to Super3 next year, although that’s complicated by the third-tier not being formally owned by Supercars.

“Under consideration is how [the main series] cars transition to Super2,” added Seamer. “Do the existing cars potentially stay in Super2, or go down to Super3? The mechanics of that are under consideration. We haven’t made a decision on that yet.

“[We’re considering] paritising the current Super2 cars with the cars that are coming down. The engine and brakes are all largely the same.”

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