Natural Slushie Recipe | Listen To Your Gut


We’ve just had a big, fresh snowfall here in Vancouver, Canada and the kids have been out sledding, making snowmen, and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Then this morning, my daughter Zara comes in with a big hunk of snow to snack on – which is exactly what I used to do as a child!

However, she took it one step further and turned her hunk of snow into a… natural slurpee!! Or slushie, or kids Margarita – whatever you want to call it.


Zara used half a teaspoon of the new Organic Blackcurrant Flavor Concentrate we are now carrying in the Shoppe and one small scoop of Stevia (about 1/16 tsp) et voila! Instant slurpee and yes, it tastes fantastic.

Knowing my kids, I’d better order in a few more bottles pronto… unless the snow melts…

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