New “BIKE CAB” Gondola Installed In Austria (8 Bikes Per Cabin)


Austriamaximum efficiency uphill bike transportation“The Bike Cab is the new solution for the simple, secure and comfortable transport of bicycles. Eight bikes can be carried simultaneously with just one Bike Cab. Loading and unloading is performed by the riders themselves, who attach their bikes to the bike holders in the bottom station and then board the next cabin. The bikes are carried safely up the mountain and in the top station guests have plenty of time to retrieve their bikes – then it’s off to the downhill thrills.”

Check out this demo video of Doppelmayr new “Bike Cab” solution for maximum efficiency uphill bike transportation. The system is currently being tested on the Rotkogl lift in Sölden. With 8 bikes and 10 passengers between 2 cabins, transport capacity is high, the passenger cabins stay clean. How’d you like to see this system at your local mountain?

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