Nyjah Huston Kickflips 4 Consecutive Sets Of Stairs


Nyjah had a less-than-ideal performance at skateboarding’s debut at this year’s Olympics, but the kid is still one of the best skaters on the planet.

I just stumbled across the clip of him consecutively kickflipping four sets of stairs on UCLA’s campus, and I’m convinced that nobody makes skateboarding look as easy as him. I seriously had a moment after watching this clip where I thought, “Hmmm. With enough training I could definitely do that. It looks pretty easy”, then I came crashing down to reality when I realized how insanely hard it would actually be.

The average skater struggles to land one kickflip. Now imagine landing four in a row on sets of seven stairs. Insane! Must be a pretty sweet feeling rolling away after landing a crazy trick combo like this.

You think Nyjah ever looks in the mirror and thinks about how sick he is at skateboarding? Hell, I know I would if I was that good.

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