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A year ago, I heard a rumour that Poundland was launching a free-from section for gluten-free and dairy-free products in selected stores. We all know how expensive being gluten and dairy-free can be and since Aldi isn’t going to commit to a permanent gluten-free range anytime soon, where can we go for gluten-free bargains?

Well, up until now, the answer has been very few places but Poundland launched their free-from section in 16 stores this time last year and it’s now been rolled out to 300 stores across the UK thanks to its success. Hurrah!

Glyn Hughes, Poundland head of trading – FMCG, said: “Our pilot scheme showed just how much awareness there is about Free From foods such as dairy-free and gluten-free and how important they are to people with allergies and intolerances.  

“They want to be able to buy them as part of their regular shop and now customers at hundreds of our stores will be able to pop them in their basket at Poundland’s amazing prices.” 

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What’s on offer in the gluten-free Poundland range?


The range includes more than 30 dairy-free and gluten-free items such as bread and rolls, porridge, milk, biscuits, cakes, rice, snack bars, pretzels, and vegan latte sachets, from leading brands such as Alpro, Eat Natural, Nakd, Schär, and Trek. Sadly, it doesn’t actually appear that the gluten-free items at Poundland are actually a pound (who knew!) but there are some bargains to be had. Here are a few…

-Eat Natural protein bars at £1.50.
-Galaxy Vegan Chocolate at £2.50

-Prewett’s Chocoful Biscuits at £1.50

-Alpro oat milk at £1.25

-Nakd bars, four for £2

-Gluten-free hobnobs: £2

Head of Trading

-Schar rolls (£2) and crispbread (£1)

-Nairns Biscuit Breaks (£1.50

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