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It’s Friday, so as the weekend gears up let this serve as a reminder to wear sunscreen. Trust me on this one. People ask how I look (relatively) young for my age and it’s a really simple answer: I am a computer nerd and rarely go outside. But if you want Vitamin D, while ALSO looking like Paul Rudd until the end of time – lather up that 55 SPF, baby.

This brings me to this week’s topic – our new Skin formulation. Since it launched last week, people have been asking me questions to understand WHY this is such a revolutionary product. So let’s drill into some of the science (don’t worry,  it won’t hurt)….

First up, Skin has 8 different probiotic strains. Because this is Jetson, every single one of these strains has been studied, and some even have solid human trials. My three personal favorites are:

  • S. thermophilus St-21: With a name like that, you know this strain gets swiped right every time. This bacteria actually helps your gut generate nutrients that are crucial for skin health: hyaluronic acid and folate. You’re literally healing from within! 5 of the strains in this formulation use this method – prompting your body to make more of the beneficial nutrients that foundationally heal your skin’s function. 
  • L. acidophilus La-14: This bacto has solid clinicals around helping alleviate atopic dermatitis and eczema directly. 
  • L. salivarius Ls-33: Double trouble (like that seminal Olsen Twins movie) in that it both helps reduce inflammatory factors (which cause acne and other skin issues) and balances immunoglobulin – a key element in moderating autoimmune diseases (which often manifest in the skin).  

Second, we’ve packed Skin with Superoxide Dismutase which admittedly sounds like a Marvel supervillain, but is actually an extract from cantaloupe that has been clinically proven to reduce signs and symptoms of stress and fatigue. Remember – even mental stress can have dramatic physical and skin impacts – hence the need for this amazing superfood.  

Finally, we’re the first probiotic in the world to use Solarplast – a remarkable compound that we isolated from organic spinach that, again, has been clinically proven to slow cell damage from free radicals (cell damage is what you have to blame for aging). It’s also been shown to prompt your body to produce more glutathione (seeing a trend here?), which we make less of as we age, but is key to protecting delicate cells (ahem, skin) from damage.


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So there you have it – one of our most advanced formulations that took us seemingly forever to put together. It’s also one of our most expensive to manufacture (thanks Spinach!) but because Jetson is growing, we’ve been able to keep our price to you at just $35/month.  And if nothing else, I want you to see a very specific trend here: namely, we’re all about coaxing your microbiome and gut to actually make MORE of what your body needs rather than trying to make you buy vitamins and minerals that, frankly, run right through you. Trust me, I had some of the world’s most expensive urine as I was embarking on my health journey and I still didn’t feel better until I got my gut into shape and let my body do what it does best – heal itself!  




ONE THING TO MENTION TO The person who doesn’t feel represented by data: You are more than a number.

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