RaceFans Round-up: Rear floor changes “proved trickier than we expected”


In the round-up: Alpine executive director Marcin Budkowski says that teams initially lost a second per lap due to F1’s new rear floor regulations.

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What they say

Budkowski says teams are already converging on the same solutions for the loss of downforce due to the rear floor changes:

As every team, we lost a chunk compared to last year, due to the the changes at the back of the car. Everybody’s been quite busy recovering it. I’m not going to tell you where we ended up exactly but everybody looks at recovering all of it. We lost over a second a lap to start with and then obviously we’re recovering and recovering.

It’s a challenging area, because when you touch an area like the rear corner, you get into correlation issues usually between the CFD, the tunnel and the track. I don’t think it was intentional, actually, from the FIA to pose that extra challenge. But I think it was it was maybe a slightly unintended effect of these rules, it proved trickier than we expected initially, it’s not just the piece of floor missing, it’s actually quite a bit of a headache as well on top of it.

It makes it interesting, you can see there’s different solutions on different cars. It’s usually the case when you have a new regulation that I’m sure is going to converge, it’s already converged during the test. So we’ve been doing some testing there, as a lot of other teams. We’ve had good results, good direction, good understanding – obviously, correlation is challenging there, but no surprise that not only we’ve gained some understanding, but we’ve improved performance of the car.

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