Remy Morton’s ‘Raw 100’ Clip Will Obliterate Your Mind



Hand up. I’ve never heard of Remy Morton before this video, but I’m all-in on the Aussie mountain biker after watching this clip from Red Bull Bike.

I’m still learning everyday about the mountain biking community, and it’s been an absolute blast to do so, but bear with me if I sound like a noob on the subject because I am! I’d rather be honest than fake like I know more than you.

Anyways, my mind is still reassembling itself after watching Morton crush this line in the jungles of Australia. His precise riding and style was soooooo much fun to watch. That clip at the 1:26 mark literally made me say, “Holy shit” out loud. That’s always a good indicator that something is cool in my book. Enjoy!

Red Bull Bike“Remy Morton is not a person who would shy away from a challenge. Some time ago he, his crew of mates & his dad were given 7 days to build a line through the jungle somewhere on the Gold Coast of Australia. The team lost no time, digging day in, day out, and created a dream track with tons of potential for some seriously mouth-watering mountain bike action.”

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