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The big game is coming up this Sunday, and more than any year ever before, it’s probably best enjoyed at home with comfy seating and an excellent snack spread.

Like a lot of people, being stuck inside for the better part of the last year has caused me think more about home improvement, as I try to make the places I spend the most time just a bit more cozy and enjoyable. So in addition to finally getting rid of my rolling trunk from college that had served as a makeshift coffee table and upgrading to something more adult, I decided to replace my 7-year old hand-me-down 1080p TV with a new 4K OLED set.

From there it was just a matter of adding a handful of happy plants, a baby Yoda or two, and tidying everything up. Suddenly my tired old living room felt a lot more like the home theater I’ve been wanting for years. Now I know my cable management could be better, and the lone HDMI cord hanging down kind ruins the clean lines of a wall-mounted TV, but like a lot of things (tech especially), it’s a work in progress.

But to me, that’s kind of what it’s all about: researching and choosing the gadgets that will make a difference in your home and improve your overall well-being. So now that you’ve seen some Gizmodo staffers’ entertainment centers, I’d like to ask y’all to show us a pic of your Super Bowl setups in the comments below—no matter how humble or high-end they might be.

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