Sonia G. The Lotus Brush Set Launches July 14th


“The strength and courage required in these times -and the wishful thoughts of a strong powerful rebirth- triggered the theme for these handles, the lotus flower. I was also wondering how these changes around us would affect our relationship with make-up, how our make-up routines would evolve, what trends would be around, or if we would still enjoy wearing any make-up at all!

I think that most of us will always enjoy make-up, whether it is a one-shadow look, or a more detailed and bold, or even an editorial type of look, because maybe we will be even more eager to play and create! I wanted this set to allow us to do exactly that: stay simple or go bold. The brushes in this set deliver a fun experience whatever your intentions!

We need to keep creating and enjoying make-up if that makes us happy- it’s an uplifting and precious moment that I am looking forward to every day and I hope you do too!

This set is for those who love something special and different, but very functional. If you don’t have any brushes from my collection, it’s a very relevant set to start with as it has amazing elevated basics!” — Sonia G.

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