Home Fashion Swarovski Reboots With First ‘Instant Wonder’ Store, Collection I – WWD

Swarovski Reboots With First ‘Instant Wonder’ Store, Collection I – WWD

Swarovski Reboots With First ‘Instant Wonder’ Store, Collection I – WWD

NEW FACETS: Swarovski has launched its reboot, boasting prominent jewelry styles, a tweaked swan logo and the first “Instant Wonder” store in Milan.

“I wanted to explore the fundamental geometry of crystal and its potential as a material,” said Giovanna Engelbert, creative director of Swarovski. As outlined by chief executive officer Robert Buchbauer last year, Engelbert held a key role in the overhaul of the brand’s products and image. This has involved shifting toward families of products and more color, seeking a more timeless approach.

New necklaces, earrings and bracelets in Collection I emphasize crystal cuts and large, chunky stones — like the Harmonia bracelet, which features oversize, cushion-cut stones with a suspended setting — while other focus on colors, like the bright, candy-colored Lucent rings.

In sync with moving the corporate branding away from the traditional blue, the label’s first Instant Wonder store opened in Milan this week, awash in yellow. Further highlighting the crystal shapes, the store was plastered with octagonal-shaped compartments and stuffed with jewelry and figurines, meant to invite exploration.

Swarovski plans to open 27 more Instant Wonder stores, including Paris in March and SoHo in New York in late April. The temporary spaces, which will feature both live and digital events, were designed in partnership with Villa Eugenie, the fashion events firm founded by Etienne Russo.

The swan logo, meanwhile, has an elongated neck and slightly lifts its wings, symbolizing the new direction.

As the brand seeks to meet the needs of an evolving world, the moves are intended to mark the company as a “true crystal lifestyle for the future,” noted Buchbauer.

The label, which has workshops in Wattens, Austria, marks its 125th anniversary this year.

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