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TAA design covers an office building in vietnam with lush vegetation


TAA design has completed a four story office building in ho chi minh city, vietnam, featuring stacked timber cubes and a blanket of greenery. realized for tony fruit, a fruit distribution company, the perforated green block responds to the city’s hot tropical environment.

tony fruit office 1

images by hoang le



tony fruit office occupies a corner site in district 4 of ho chi minh city. the site sits on a T-junction with an open view of the public park and square. however, the two main elevations of the building receive direct sunlight from dusk till dawn, causing a big overheating problem for the interiors.

tony fruit office 11



TAA design employed the idea of a perforated geometry that allows the possibility to generate intermediate space for shading while maintaining expansive visual contact from inside the building to the urbanscape outside. setting back the hard construction also creates space for plants and trees, resulting in a natural green skin covering daylight exposed façades.

tony fruit office 2



protected by a blanket of plants surrounding the building, each workspace benefits from a fresh view onto the green surface. a system of similar green spaces continues inside on every floor with visual connection from different levels, which further optimizes each workspace for tony fruit employees.

tony fruit office 4



in addition to the abundant vegetation, projecting cubes made of wooden slats provide effective shading against diagonal daylight entering the building. meanwhile, the setback glazing receives reflected light that benefits the cooling and lighting cost in building maintenance. the perforated green block seeks to offer a possible solution in improving working space conditions for urban buildings that resides in cities with the same tropical environment as ho chi minh, vietnam.

tony fruit office 5

tony fruit office 6

tony fruit office 7

tony fruit office 8

tony fruit office 9

tony fruit office 3

tony fruit office 10



project info:


name: tony fruit office

type: office

location: district 4, ho chi minh city, vietnam

architecture office: TAA design

principle architect: nguyen van thien

architects: nguyen van thien, nguyen van thuan, le thi huong, le nha vy

site area: 225 sqm (2,421.88 sqft)

allowable building area: 150 sqm (1,614.59 sqft)

total built area: 600 sqm (6,458.35 sqft)

material: natural wood, glass, basalt stone, wall paint

year: 2020

photography: hoang le


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