Tellurides Season Passes and Tickets Now Come With Spot Medical Insurance


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Telluride Ski Area on November 3rd, 2018.

“Think of how often we all see people being skied off the mountain in a stretcher. Instead of being stuck with those medical bills, they are covered. Telluride is the first to say ‘We need to add more value to our lift tickets and passes outside of just getting to ski.’ We think more resorts are going to want to give that value back to their customers.”– Spot CEO Matt Randall

This season, Telluride is partnering with Spot Insurance to protect pass holders and ticket buyers with insurance of up to $25,000 in medical bills in case of an accident. The insurance will be covered with every ticket and season pass purchase for this upcoming season. According to the Colorado Sun, this could be coming to numerous other ski resorts as well, as the company said they were in negotiating with other mountains to be added for this upcoming winter. With medical expenses being the main cause of bankruptcy in the United States, Spot is aiming to become a leader in the insurance industry to protect customers from heinous hospital bills. The insurance will be a zero deductible purchase, and will cover $25,000 in medical injuries, and can be applied to multiple accidents. They will not protect Epic pass holders though.

Most mountains offer season ticket insurance to refund the purchase at this point in case of injury or emergency, but it’s rare to see mountains to protect skiers and riders from medical emergencies. With this partnership, Spot and Telluride may be leading the way towards a newly added perk to the evolving world of season passes.

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Image Credits: Telluride Ski Resort

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