The 9-Mile Tunnel Through Vail Mountain That Could Have Been


Several options were considered for a Vail bypass

A recent report from The Denver Channel shows a proposal for building a nine mile bypass tunnel on I-70 through Vail Mountain.

The tunnel was proposed as a ‘solution’ to Vail resident’s complaints of the noisy and busy interstate that runs right through town.

Kracum Resources believed a tunnel through Vail Mountain would eliminate unnecessary noise and divert traffic away from town.

Motorists could either exit I-70 to Vail, or continue on through the longest tunnel in North America. The proposed tunnel would have run under the ski lifts and trails of Vail.

Image result for eisenhower tunnel

The Vail Mountain tunnel would have been more than 5x longer than the Eisenhower Tunnel pictured here. Courtesy: Hart Van Denburg/CPR News

The tunnel never really had much of a chance. It was shut down before serious planning even began. It probably didn’t help that the estimated cost of the tunnel was between $1.7B-$2.8B.

Still pretty cool to think that there could have been a 10-mile long tunnel of death under Vail Mountain…

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