The Best Airbnbs Near the Bay Area: 7 Stellar NorCal Airbnbs With Summer Availability


Finally getting to plan a vacation again is so, so good. What’s not good? Scrolling through endless subpar listings because all the best-looking spots you hoped to book have been snapped up by your fellow holiday-hungry city-dwelling folk. Luckily, if you’re looking for an Airbnb in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve found a handful of stellar spots that take design seriously and are within a short drive of the city. There’s a little wood-paneled cabin tucked away in wine country, a glamping setup in Carmel, a farmhouse in Monterey, and more. So go on, schedule your OOO, clip your bike to the back of your car, and head out of town to one of these little getaways. 

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