The Best Workwear For House Projects


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Even if you’re not living in the woods spending your weekends building decks and pressing cider, the last two years have had everyone doing (or thinking about) house projects. I’ve done everything from covering the living and dining room with a fresh coat of white paint to spackling cracked walls to learning how to garden—all of which benefit from wearing the right clothes. While you don’t necessarily need to have an exclusive workwear section of your closet, I have found that having adequate clothing for a project makes a big difference. My selection includes sturdy pants and waterproof boots for tending to the garden; overalls or coveralls for painting and woodwork; and a variety of pocketed pieces for everything in between (pockets are essential for house projects). 

I tend to wear all my utility wear in everyday life too. So many brands (not just workwear brands) are making fashionable pieces right now that often make me feel like they are too nice to get dirty—which can be convenient, if you aren’t doing projects that often and just want to wear clothes that are extra durable and easy to move in.

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