The Top Hotels to Visit in Greece and Turkey This Summer


Of course, Ezon acknowledges that things remain tenuous, even in Greece. Though Minister Theocharis announced the country’s aspiration to reopen, there’s no guarantee that it will—especially if the rest of the European Union remains closed or the number of coronavirus cases rises steeply.

“Let’s make no mistake: We can be sending people to Mykonos thinking they’re gonna be dancing on tables and all of a sudden it could be like South Beach two weeks ago where everything got shut down because they got overwhelmed,” Ezon said. “And we’re trying to temper that message. This is not a normal year. You’re probably not gonna be in a nightclub with your 2,000 closest friends. That’s why we’re also trying to encourage people to go to outer islands, not just Mykonos, where it’s all about the nightclubs and the beach clubs.”

The elevated Concept pool at the Adronis Mykonos, where sunbathers can gaze out over the entire city. 


Luckily, Greece has some 6,000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited, so there’s plenty to chooseLuckily, Greece has some 6,000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited, so there’s plenty to choose from. And the country has seen some gorgeous new resorts with serious design cred open recently, with more on the way. On the mainland, the Athens Riviera witnessed the transformation of the 1961 Astir Palace into a glamorous resort by Four Seasons following a $123 million renovation in 2018. It will be joined this August by Brown Beach Corinthia, a new resort with an organic-meets-futuristic design by Elastic Architects on the Saronic Gulf. It will be the first resort in Greece by Brown Hotels, the design-forward Israeli brand that’s expanding into Europe with boutique hotels in Greece and Croatia.

Rooftop at the soon-to-debut Brown Beach Corinthia resort in Greeze

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