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These Are Not Your Grandma’s Rocking Chair

These Are Not Your Grandma’s Rocking Chair

There are few seats as meditative and calming as the classic rocking chair, with its curved legs and supportive, comforting back. And with a history that stretches back to the 1700s, the classic rocking chair’s wicker seat and back and ski-like rocking feet have long made it a favorite for lazy afternoons on the porch or a cozy evening in front of a crackling fire.

But sometimes even the classics need an update, whether that’s with more modern silhouettes or even the way that it moves (think gliding and swiveling instead of just rocking back and forth). We’ve rounded up some sleek, refreshing takes on the traditional rocking chair that combine playful colors with indoor-outdoor materials and minimalist forms—proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. These seats that work in a living room, bedroom, or a nursery (new parents swear by rocking chairs because of their soothing, swaying motion!), and outdoor options are perfect for a patio, porch, or pool.

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